Keep Up With Your Growing Family

Keep Up With Your Growing Family

Make space with bedroom additions to your Butler, PA home

When you moved into your cozy, three-bedroom home, you never imagined that your family would grow beyond two kids. But with another baby on the way, it’s time to consider adding some space onto your home.

Work with Comer Construction and we’ll add on bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and more! What do you want to add onto your home? Call us today to see if we can help.

You don’t have to move out to live in a bigger home

If you’re outgrowing your cherished home, you’re facing a tough decision. You don’t want to move out, but sometimes it seems like the only choice. When you work with Comer Construction, we’ll give you an alternative to moving out. Simply ask for home additions and we’ll make it happen!

Ready to add space to your Butler, PA home? Call Comer Construction at 724-822-2142 for a free estimate on your home additions.