Find a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor you trust in Butler, PA

Make the most of your kitchen with a renovation

Does your kitchen seem small? Is it crowded when more than one person tries to cook? Do you have limited counter space or cabinet storage? Enter Comer Construction. We can transform the heart of your home by remodeling your kitchen from top to bottom. We will:

Demolish your current kitchen
Re-work plumbing and electrical wires
Install counter tops and all new appliances
Build custom cabinetry or install pre-built cabinetry
Handle the removal of old appliances and debris

Is it time to remodel your old, small kitchen? Leave it to the professionals at Comer Construction. Call 724-822-2142 to schedule an appointment today!

3 reasons to hire Comer Construction for your kitchen remodeling project

You need a renovation contractor you can trust. Look no further than the professional contractors at Comer Construction. Trust us to:

1.Comb through every detail with you: when it comes to investments like kitchen remodeling, we want to ensure your project comes out exactly how you want it to, down to the not-so-minor details.
2.Improve the value of your home: kitchen renovations add thousands of dollars to the market price of your home, and renovations with Comer Construction will bring your entire home to a higher class.
3.Make the most of your square footage: your original kitchen floor plan may not have been ideal, but after a remodel with Comer Construction, you'll find your new kitchen space inviting and practical for your needs.

Call 724-822-2142 to start planning your dream kitchen with Comer Construction.